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A generating impact on your company

IBP at Work® supports the evolution of your company, to create an environment that your employees want to be a part of.

Promoting people’s self-realization, helping them to develop their personal well-being, allows the organization to be more fluid, efficient and able to manage changes and navigate through complexity.

IBP @ Work helps to meet daily challenges and generate new vitality and energy in all individual and group work activities.
Andrea Magnani CEO of LAM Consulting 
 talks about his experience with IBP

Integrating Body-Mind Potential® allows to experience the company as a whole person, with fullness and authenticity.


Creating a presence in every day Living, allows you to deal effectively with challenges and to increase your personal charisma.

Resonant Leadeship

Build a leadership based on trust, understanding and respect for emotions to enhance employees’ engagement and responsability.


Awakens one’s life energy and proactivity with the ability to contain stressful events and translate them into opportunities for growth.

Diversity & Inclusivity

Create an inclusive culture where diversity becomes a resource and the foundation for generative relationships.

Employer Branding

Differentiate your company from competitors through a unique Employee Value Proposition, in order to increase talent acquisition and talent retention.

About IBP

IBP is an innovative method based on the studies of Jack Lee Rosenberg and consisting on a set of techniques that uniquely combine body and mind.

This methodology, in line with the latest discoveries in neuroscientific researches, reaffirm the critical role of the body.

The specific bodily activities conceived by the IBP (breathing techniques, breakouts of the body segments, stimulation of the sympathetic and parasympathetic system) allow us to access our highest states of vitality and energy.

The IBP, through our bodily channels, allows us to become aware and unblock dysfunctional automatic schemes that condition our emotions and behaviors, interfering with our well-being and our work effectiveness.

The union of Mind and Body brings concrete results because it allows, on one hand, to identify the personal self-deceptions of which we are often unaware and, on the other, to integrate resources at a deeper level.

This allows us to bring new resources from the body into the mental schemes with which we live our everyday life, including our work, and be able to have a conscious access to them.
What does Wholeness mean ?
Wholeness means we bring all the elements of who we are to work: our passions and strengths, our side projects and relationships. It allows us to be truly ourselves and alleviates the pressure to leave some of our personality behind.
Wholeness and perfection are dialectically opposed. It is about embracing every part of our being, because that is the first step towards a real change.
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What we do

Body Mind at work  has been used successfully in different contexts and situations, generating measurable benefits both on the indivduals and the groups. It allows to:

Access individual resources and increase personal effectiveness;   

Increase the resonance within groups of working peers;   

Deal with stressful and challenging situations (negotiations, teams, conflicts, emergencies);   

Increase vitality and energy at work, build the ability to focus at a greater extent;  

Unstuck from emotional saboteurs that prevent organization to express its full power;   

Step into a Greater motivation and determination. 
We craft unique programs that best convey your goals.


Each program starts with an in-depth discussion on strategic objectives with the board. The Training Design process starts from a clear understanding of the organizational context within which to develop the culture of wholeness and the evolutionary purposes towards which it moves. The design relies on diversified teaching tools and techniques in order to allow maximum learning and make lasting effects. During the learning process and at its conclusion, the impact is measured using the indicators initially shared with the company management.

In-depth analysis of organizational context and strategic goals.

Training design

Multiple teaching techniques and tools to optimize programs.


Individual and group coaching to maximize learning process.


Review, information about the program to improve learning and development steps


Measurement of results using specific indicators

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